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14th June 2016

Mac Upgrades

Mac Repair Cambridge offer every possible upgrade for your Apple Mac Computer.

We can bring a “vintage” Mac into the future.


Hard Drive Upgrades:

Your Macintosh HD stores everything from your pictures and music to your documents and apps. However the capacity of a drive is not the only the factor consider, as everything is stored on the Hard Disk it is one of the major factors to determine the speed of your Mac. The standard mechanical drives Apple install even to this day deteriorate over time and will effect performance not only in load times but across the board.

Is your Mac running slow? Spinning Rainbow Wheel? Running out of storage capacity? Hard Disk full messages? Well perhaps you should consider a Hard Drive upgrade!

Maybe it’s your MacBook Pro or iMac?

There a many options available! If you need more speed an Apple Mac Solid State Drive , Flash Drive or SSD is a great option to consider. These can yield upto 25x performance over a standard mechanical drive.

If storage is the issue we can install larger hard drives, hybrid solid state fusion drives or even large capacity solid state drives SSD’s. We can even install additional hard drives depending on the model.

We can also assist with data back up and transfer to ensure everything remains the way you like it.




RAM (Memory) upgrades:

Memory, despite the name has nothing to do with storage or capacity (at least not in the traditional sense directly). Every application you use requires memory to run, even the Mac OS X system uses RAM. By simply upgrading your OS X you have inadvertently increased the pressure on your RAM. Also the more beefy programs such as video games, video, graphics, photography and music applications can require large amounts of RAM.

Is your Mac running slow? Applications crashing, hanging or freezing? Kernel panics? Mac randomly restarting? Mac beeps or beeping? Error messages low on memory? It sounds like your Mac is crying out for some additional RAM memory!

Maybe it’s your MacBook or Mac Pro?

We offer RAM upgrades at a fraction of the cost of our competitors, we can install custom configurations precisely optimised for your Mac. You may of read online that your Mac can only operate with a certain size of RAM or speed, ask us for a second opinion free of charge! Our MAC RAM upgrades can be completed while you wait!


Software and Operating System Upgrades:

Mac OS X is a powerful system, however due to the user friendly approach there are not many tools to correctly optimise and maintain it over time. Be wary of third party programs promising to speed up your Mac, often times these have the completely opposite effect!

If your Mac is behaving glitchy, running slow or applications are crashing your Mac may be due for one of our specialist Data Health Scans or “Full Service”. Not only do we physically clean the machine both internally and externally thus removing all dust and debris in turn reducing heat, we also optimise all of your data, files and software to ensure maximum performance and compatibility.

Maybe its’ your MacBook Air or Mac Mini?

We can then safely upgrade your MAC OS X to a suitable edition or even downgrade if required in some cases! Are you on one of the following outdated systems?:

Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.x

Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.x

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.x

Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.x

Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.x

Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.x

Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.x

Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.x

Well perhaps it’s time to upgrade! Many people perform system upgrades only to find their Mac running slower, becoming unresponsive, applications and software stop working or other features no longer operating. This is usually because their Mac already had preexisting data corruption that was not addressed prior to the upgrade. Let us handle it all for you with guaranteed success!


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