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15th June 2016

Mac Repairs

So which repairs do Mac Repair Cambridge actually offer? Well quite frankly the list could go on forever.

We will do our best to cover the most common faults we see and repair on a daily basis.

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Liquid Damage: This effects many Macs and as you may of figured out it tends to be the laptops and notebooks. Symptoms can include loss of power, faulty keyboard, faulty trackpad, battery not charging, charger not powering the Mac, loud fans and screen distortion.


Impact Damage: Often this includes damage to the Display, Casing, Keyboard, Trackpad, Hard Drive, Glass Screen or LCD panel.



Software issues: Most commonly: Kechain Access issues, iCloud problems, Microsoft office and in particular Outlook for Mac Email corruption, iPhoto missing photos, iPhoto Library problems, Photos Library Problems, Data Loss, Mac Viruses, Mac Adware, Mac Malware, Mac Popups, Applications Crashing, OS X update problems, unable to login, black screen, spinning wheel.



Hardware Issues: The years can take their toll on the electrical components inside your Mac, most commonly we find faults with: Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, Flash Drives, Optical Drives, SuperDrives, Memory and RAM, Battery problems, MagSafe problems, Apple Charger Problems, Screen problems and  a variety of Fan issues (often noises or grinding).


Data Recovery: if your disk is no longer mounting or you are seeing symptoms of a slow or failing hard drive you may need data recovery. Perhaps the Mac takes a long time to turn on or folders take a long time to open. Sometimes you may be unable to copy files from one drive to another, for example an external USB drive. Maybe it’s your external drive that had stopped working and you need to recover the data. We can help at the best price!


Whatever the problem we will help.

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