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14th June 2016

iMac Repairs

The iMac is the oldest Apple Mac Computer in the current line up, but don’t be fooled it is still a powerful and incredible machine with the versatility to perform any task thrown at it.


Mac Repair Cambridge know that whether it’s the kids doing homework. Running your business or designing graphical masterpieces this computer does it all.

One common complaint we see about the iMac is that they begin to run slow, an increase of the dreaded wheel of doom and a long delay in performing tasks, loading the operating system and logging in. Two major factors often contribute to this issue, a slow mechanical hard drive and insufficient RAM. We can get your iMac running faster than a brand new model in most scenarios for a fraction of the cost. Better still we can get it same day!


Other common faults with iMacs are software issues. Issues with Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel – issues with Photos and iPhoto and also iTunes libraries. We have knowledge through years of working with Macs. Long before most people knew what they were. Our methodical approach and accurate diagnosis ensure top quality repairs and servicing at the best price in Cambridge UK.


Many of our Apple Mac Repairs from Royston, Baldock, Letchworth and Stevenage have issues with the CD / DvD Drives, Optical Drives or SuperDrives. We will get these repaired or replaced economically and fast. Another common call we receive are display, screen and LCD issues. Whether the screen is freezing, displaying graphical artefacts or other anomalies such as lines, squares or COLORS we can help. Could it be simply the glass is smashed? Fear not, it’s a scary but repairable issue!


Common iMac Repairs and Upgrades:

  • Apple iMac Screen Replacement
  • Apple iMac Complete Display Replacement
  • Apple iMac Glass Replacement
  • Apple iMac LCD / LED Replacement
  • Apple iMac Hard Drive Upgrade / Repair / Replacement
  • Apple iMac Solid State Drive Upgrade / Repair / Replacement
  • Apple iMac RAM ( Memory ) Upgrade / Repair / Replacement
  • Apple iMac Power Supply Repair / Replacement
  • Apple iMac Graphics Card Repair / Replacement
  • Apple iMac CPU Repair / Replacement
  • Apple iMac Flex Cable Repair / Replacement
  • Apple iMac Data Recovery
  • Apple iMac Backup and Time Machine
  • Apple iMac Fan Repair / Replacement
  • Apple iMac CD/DvD Drive Replacement
  • Apple iMac Optical Drive Replacement
  • Apple iMac Super Drive Replacment
  • Apple iMac Keyboard Repair / Replacement
  • Apple iMac Liquid Damage Repair
  • Apple iMac Liquid Damage Clean Up
  • Apple iMac Logic Board Repair / Replacement
  • Apple iMac Speaker Repair / Replacement
  • Apple iMac Power Button Repair / Replacement
  • Apple iMac Headphone Jack Repair / Replacement
  • Apple iMac Hinge Repair / Replacement
  • Apple iMac AirPort Card Repair / Replacement

Whatever the problem and where you are in the UK we can help with your iMac issues.

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