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Apple Mac Support, Repairs and Upgrades. Call 08445 899 565

What we DO

Free Diagnosis | Same Day Repairs | No Fix No Fee | Free Advice and Support
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Unlock your Macs true potential with a variety of Upgrades. We explain each potential upgrade in plain English and can offer you free advice on the best options to suit your needs. We offer everything from RAM (Memory), Solid State Drives, Additional Storage, Software Upgrades and much more.



With over 20 years experience we know every trick in the book to recover your Data. Whether you have mistakenly deleted files, formatted your Hard Disk, been effected by Software Corruption or are hearing clicking and scratching noises from your Hard Drive we can help. We specialise in recovering data from mechanically failing and corrupted Hard Drives.

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No matter how careful you are, mistakes can happen. Luckily we offer the fastest, most affordable and highest standard of Apple Mac Repairs. If you’ve dropped your Mac, spilled liquid on it or it has simply stopped working correctly all on it’s own we are here to help. We offer a FREE DIAGNOSIS and a NO FIX NO FEE policy.



Included with any Repair, Upgrade or Service you will also receive lifetime support FREE OF CHARGE. Once you are a customer of Mac Repair Cambridge you can rest assured that you will have a Mac Expert to assist you either over the phone or via email with any issues you have. We pride ourselves on amazing customer service.

With over 20 Years Experience we offer the best Apple Mac Repairs in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas. In this day and age your Mac is one of the most important tools you own. Whether it's business or pleasure chances are you it is in use on a daily basis, morning till late. That's why we are available 24/7 7 Days a Week to get you back up and running as fast as possible. When you chose Mac Repair Cambridge you can expect work completed faster, at a better price and a more pleasant experience from the moment you call to the moment your Mac is safely back home.
Can't get to us? We can get to you.

Not everyone can travel to our workshop, that's why we offer the option of having an engineer sent out to you.

We go the extra mile with our services. Not only do we fix your Mac, we clean it thoroughly both internally and externally.

Long gone are the days of Macs being immune to Viruses and Malware. If you've noticed increased popups, advertisements, searches redirecting or software you don't remember installing your Mac may be infected.

We keep most parts in stock to ensure the fastest possible repairs, upgrades and services.

Support for all models

We support all models of Apple Mac. You may of been told yours is vintage or beyond repair, we know we can bring an aging Mac back to life or keep a newer model running as fast as it should.
Due to the light and fragile nature of the MacBook and MacBook Airs these Macs are particularly vulnerable to impact damage. Apple Store will quote you the cost of a new Mac to replace a screen, we not only beat them on price but also on completion time.
The MacBook Pro comes in many flavours, we can help keep yours running smoothly. Wether you have spilled a drink and damaged the keyboard, cracked the screen or it is simply running slow we can get you back up and running fast.
Common faults include a flashing ” ? ” folder on startup, spinning rainbow wheel / beach ball or “wheel of doom”, hanging on startup or frozen Apple Logo plus a variety of freezes on blue, grey, white and black screens. You may also ses corruption on the screen or distorted images.
The Mac Mini is the entry level Mac for many users. It can be used to setup a home server or simply your hub for other apple devices. The Mac Pro represents the highest end, a particular favourite for those needing a workhorse in graphics, video or music production.

Common Faults

and some not so common.

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